The Froggy Commerce Team

Froggy Commerce is, above all, a team working together for a long time. We each have our predilection field, and we use all our skills to make our modules for PrestaShop as efficient as possible.

  • Fabien Serny


    Former core developer and responsible of the native modules in PrestaShop for 2 years, I have worked for almost 10 years in the world of e-commerce (M6 Boutique, ...).
    After creating the web agency 23Prod with Grégoire, we have launched several projects including Froggy-Commerce, which I hope will help e-merchants to improve their efficiency and working conditions.

  • Alain Folletete


    Previously core developer and Technical Project Manager in PrestaShop, I acquired many technical features on the extensive use of the solution.
    My passion for e-commerce and my experience on PrestaShop motivates me to find and design features to make work easier for merchants in their daily tasks.

  • Grégoire Poulain


    I specialized in the front end, former front developer at PrestaShop, I was able to work on the code of the solution.
    My experience allows me to work on big e-commerce projects and bring my expertise to meet the needs of e-merchants.

Julien Geneste

Julien Geneste Web design

Thanks to his skills and experience as web designer, Julien helped us build the Froggy Commerce website.