Froggy Question on Product

Froggy Question on Product

Froggy Question on Product is a module that allows your customers to ask you questions on your products in a very simply way.
Indeed, it displays a form on your product pages for your customers to send you information request about one of your products.

The question, once sent, will be available in the customer service section of your administration panel, allowing you to answer easily without leaving your back office.


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Presentation Froggy Question on Product

Who never had interrogations before buying a product on the internet? It is, after all, natural to ask questions about his choice before purchase, especially when we do not have the product in front of you.
That is why we made this module, it will provide the opportunity for your customers to ask you about your products.

This module will guide the visitor in his choice of purchase but also reassure the future customer by showing the presence of a conscientious merchant.
Not to mention, it will help you over time to enrich your product descriptions based on the questions you are frequently asked. Every merchant can forget information in one of his product description.

In summary, this module will affect three main areas: guide your customers through your advices, reassure your customers and improve your product descriptions.

This module will perfectly fit in the customer service PrestaShop system since the questions will be sent directly in your PrestaShop administration panel. It will make the communication easier with your visitor, even he is not a known customer yet.

When a question will be posted, you will received a notification in your admin panel.

This module is fully configurable since it offers three different modes of operation: Adding a new tab on your product page containing the form, add a link to open in a "pop-in" or setting up a dedicated page .
It will also give you the ability to configure the text to display, whether to display the for for non-connected clients, …

Module features

  • Add a form to send a question about the product description (3 operating modes available)
  • Recording messages in the PrestaShop customer service system
  • Notification via the back office (from version 1.5 or 1.4 if you’re using Froggy Toolbar)
  • Choose if you display the form non-connected customers or not
  • Ability to select the recipient (Customer Service) questions
  • Configuring multilingual texts modules (text and links tab)

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Froggy Question on Product
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